Sydney has some of the most iconic and recognised beaches in the world. From Palm Beach in the north of the north shore to Cronulla in the south you will find some exceptional waterways and places to relax and swim.

Sydney also has some of the most iconic surfing beaches in Australia as well. Sydney has approximately 70 surf beaches that cater to all levels of surfing skill, from small waves for beginners to big breaks for the more experienced and adventurous. Four Sydney beaches feature on the National Surfing Reserve Register, a list of iconic surfing spots in Australia: Manly, North NarrabeenCronulla and Maroubra.

The Harbour is also home to some lovely non-surfing beaches and if you are looking for something different the following gems are rated as some of the BEST in Sydney.

Camp Cove

The parking at the easternmost edge of the Eastern Suburbs can be a bit of a drag in Summer, but if you pray to your parking angel you’ll find somewhere eventually. It’s worth the frustration, as this laid-back beach is big enough to have a social vibe (there always seems to be a lot of good looking people here) and the lack of waves means you can bob in the water and still chat to a friend. There’s a little kiosk selling snacks and sorbet in coconut shells too. If you’re brave (and skilled) you can do the big jump off the rock on the right.

Little Congwong Beach

If nothing annoys you more than getting a bikini-strap tan line, then head to this pretty beach in Botany Bay for a spot of ‘clothing-optional’ sunbaking. It’s usually pretty quiet so you can avoid seeing people you know, especially your awkward co-worker that will forever avoid you at the water cooler. If the thought of getting your togs off makes you blanch, just next door is Congwong Beach, where you won’t be the odd one out if you’re a strictly clothes-on type of person.

Nielsen Park

Sydney beaches need not be compared with their foreign counterparts because it’s only a slight exaggeration to say we have the best in the world. However, I can’t help thinking that Nielsen Park reminds me of the Mediterranean coast. Maybe it’s the amazing aqua colour of the water or the stained glass windows of the restaurant. It can get a little noisy with all the kids that are usually there but there is a large, leafy park surrounding the beach which you can escape into to eat your ice cream in peace.

Milk Beach

This sandy cove is hidden behind Strickland House at Vaucluse. It’s a short, steep walk down the driveway and across the lawn, but the views of Opera House and Harbour Bridge are well worth it. If you’ve got kids in tow, it’s a good choice as it’s usually populated by families.

And on the northside :

Balmoral Beach

Balmoral is Manly’s little sister; smaller and more romantic. It has a lovely sleepy vibe despite it’s popularity. Have a long lunch at the Public Dining Room and float it off in the cooler hours of the afternoon

Currawong Beach

If the summer traffic is ruining your ability to relax at the beach this summer, escape for the weekend to Currawong beach. It can only be accessed by boat, so jump on the ferry at Palm Beach and prepare for a phone and internet-free 48 hours. There are no shops so bring food and water with you and stay at one of the cottages. You’ll be able to deal with the worst Bondi Road traffic jam with a blissful smile on your return.

So, whichever of these delightful beaches you choose to spend time at while you stay with Uptown Apartments in Sydney – have a lovely time- Dave & Nicki Lee.

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