Dynamic Pricing

We set the right price to get the right guests at the right time to fill your property year-round!

Uptown Apartments utilises an innovative revenue management solution which has perfected the art and science of vacation rental pricing to give you the best rate possible for every night. Our data-driven pricing approach scans the market for supply and demand trends to automate pricing, while at the same time allows almost limitless customization options.

Our dynamic pricing is based on past and future supply & demand data, historic seasonal and day-of-week trends, data driven special events & holidays predictions, and the number of days left to book.

Furthermore, our customisable minimum-stay policies allow us to automatically manipulate minimum stays to fill gaps in your calendar. There’s no point leaving your property vacant for 2 nights because of a 3-night standard minimum stay policy if we can find the right guests to book those 2 nights at a slightly higher rate.

We also avoid filling your future calendars with short bookings which may get in the way of a potential longer stay for a home renovation or corporate relocation. We increase minimum stays to 1 week for all dates over 6 months away to protect against this.

Our rates and minimum stays are updated daily, meaning your property may have a unique rate for every single night of year, purely driven by market trends and upcoming events, as well as our experience in knowing what rates are possible.

Managing rates and minimum stays in this manner enables revenue to be increased by as much as 40% over a static pricing model.

We don’t treat your property like any other. Each property is unique and we treat is as such when determining the base pricing for your property. We welcome your input in selling the unique offerings your property has, whether it’s a renovated bathroom, a pool, kid-friendly facilities, or a local attraction.

Do you want your property to benefit from our dynamic pricing and individual attention to detail?

Join Uptown Apartments today to make the most out of your investment!